Transfer Policy

Transfer Policy 2023-24

2023-24 Transfer Policy.pdf

Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about our student transfer policy. We appreciate your interest in the Quapaw Public Schools.  We do our best to welcome additional students to our district whenever it is possible.

Quapaw Public Schools makes decisions about student transfers in accordance with district policy and state law. You can download our comprehensive district policy below; however, we are providing the following information for your convenience:

The state Department of Education requires that the following form be completed to apply for a transfer: [link]. Parents who need access to technology to print or complete the form can visit the Administration Office. Paper copies of the form can also be picked up at the Administration Office.

Decisions about transfers will be made by August 1 of each school year.  We will contact parents directly about the approval status of their child’s transfer. 

If you have any questions about the transfer process, please contact David Carriger, Superintendent, 918-674-2501 or

Quapaw Public Schools has a capacity of the following numbers per grade level:


Quapaw Elementary School

Pre-K:           40

Kinder:          40

Grade 1:        40

Grade 2:        40

Grade 3:        50

Grade 4:        40

Grade 5:        40


Quapaw Middle School

Grade 6:        45

Grade 7:        45

Grade 8:        45


Quapaw High School

Grade 9:        45

Grade 10:      45

Grade 11:      45

Grade 12:      45

Current Enrollment Numbers (March 15, 2024)

Quapaw Elementary School

Pre-K:            26

Kinder:          45

Grade 1:        44

Grade 2:        38

Grade 3:        39

Grade 4:        41

Grade 5:        37


Quapaw Middle School

Grade 6:        45

Grade 7:        54

Grade 8:        43


Quapaw High School

Grade 9:        35

Grade 10:      50

Grade 11:      55

Grade 12:      47

The Student Transfer Form can be found at this web site: