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In Mrs. Roblyer's class the students are reading a book "The Sign of the Beaver" about a young boy left alone in the Maine Territory while his dad ventures back to Massachusetts to retrieve the rest of the family. The boy is left alone to survive in the wilderness and befriends a young Native American named, Attean. Attean teaches Matt the secrets of the forest and ways of the Native Americans so he can survive. Instead of moving on with the Native Americans, Matt stays behind to wait on his family's return. 

While reading, students encounter daily life activities of the Native Americans and a peek into their cultures and beliefs towards creation, animals, and possession of the land. They also gain a perspective into how the Native Americans felt when settlers came into their territory. 

If you look closely, Gracie incorporated the Native American culture by his home and dancing around a fire. 

The following is a list of songs we are learning at QES for Native American Month.

"Pow Wow" - Jack Hartman

"Bear Dance" - Quaver Music

"Duck Dance" - Quaver Music

"Raccoon Dance" - Quaver Music

Each song represents a part of the Native American life to honor mother nature and the animals (food) she provides.

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