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Certified Staff Negotiated Agreement 2023-24

State Health Care Plans


January 2023

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Oklahoma Academic Standards

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State Testing 2023

Professional Development

Professional development is the strategy Quapaw Public Schools uses to ensure that our educators continue to strengthen their instructional practice for educators and students. We recognize that for teachers and district leaders to be effective, they must continually expand their knowledge and skills to implement best educational practices at the highest levels.

Quapaw Public Schools offers professional development in a variety of ways to ensure that we are meeting the needs of all staff. There are five instructional days scheduled throughout the school year to provide district wide opportunities for learning. Professional learning communities are another tool that we use districtwide to promote ongoing learning. At the leadership level, PLCs allow district leaders to evaluate their practices to better support their staff and students. At the school level, teachers engage in ongoing collaborative learning and work time to analyze and assess student data to inform the instructional program.  We are committed to ensuring that our teachers are continuously working towards improving their performance and raising the bar on student achievement.

The following videos, presentations, or informational sheets and/or websites are required for 2022-23.

Each employee will be given a list of their required training

(they can be found in the left column of the page as well). This needs to be completed and turned by November 1, 2022/

OK SDE Required Professional Development (note that not all are required for all employees)

Alcohol and Drug Awareness (First year at LA and every 3 years after that)

Substance Abuse Awareness Video (watch video - 20 minutes)

Substance Abuse Prevention (SDE resources)

Autism (pre-k through 3rd grade that have autistic students. Once every three years. Check with Emily Blakley to see your status.)

Teaching Students with Autism Video (watch video - 5 minutes)

Bloodborne Pathogens

Bloodbourne Pathogens Training Video (Red Cross - 20 minutes)

COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfecting (7 minutes - this video is not directly intended for educators, please take

what you need from it.  You are at no time expected to take all of these measures in your classrooms)  

Handwashing (watch video - 3 minutes)

Bullying Prevention (resources)

Bullying Prevention (SDE Resources) 

Creating a Safe and Respectful Environment in Our Nation's Classrooms (file will download - click through presentation)


Prevention and Response Base Training Module (file will download - click through presentation)

Child Abuse and Neglect; Child Sexual Abuse Awareness and Reporting

Child Abuse and Neglect Video (watch video - 15 minutes) note: click the arrow to view horizontally

Mandatory Reporting (PDF download)

Youth Violence Prevention (SDE Resources)

Diabetes Management (only required if you have a student with diabetes - school nurse reports)

Diabetes Management in Schools

Training's Offered (resources only)

Virtual Diabetes Management

Training PowerPoint (follow up only)

Digital Teaching and Learning

ISTE Standards Website (resources only)

ISTE Standards PDF -located in Google Classroom as well

Dyslexia Awareness

What is Dyslexia? (video- 4.5 minutes)

What is it like to have Dyslexia? (video- 3 minutes)

Dyslexia Awareness Modules (extra information)

State module may be required at a later time

English Learners (only required if you have an ELL student - ELL coordinator reports)


Resources (resources only)



Overview (Read)

Training Video (watch video - 3 minutes)

Hazardous Communications

Training Video (watch video - 10 minutes)


Removing Barriers for Homeless Children and Youth Webinar 8/2020

Human Trafficking

What is Human Trafficking (video - 4 minutes)

Ericka Series (4 videos)

Mental Health Needs of Students

Empathy (video - 3 minutes)

Prevention Services (SDE Resources)

Racial and Ethnic Education Resources

Oklahoma Native America Day and Resources

Oklahoma Native American Day

On the third Monday in November of each year, teachers and students of the schools of this state are requested to observe the day with

appropriate exercises. To assist Little Axe Public School teachers, below is a list of curricular resources on Oklahoma Native Americans.

Oklahoma SDE Indian Education Resource Page

Oklahoma Indians: We Are Who We Were (video)

39 American Indian Tribes of Oklahoma(with links to the 39 Tribes)

PDF of the 39 American Indian Tribes of Oklahoma

Suicide Awareness

The fight against teen suicide begins in the classroom (video - 13 minutes)

SDE Resources

Workplace Safety Training in Schools Curriculum for grades 7-12

Talking Safety Curriculum Guide

Talking Safety PowerPoint